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PT. Java Seed Indonesia is a young and dynamic company specializing in distributing and developing Hybrid Corn Seed. With a growing forward mindset on each of its employee, we have been starting the business in 2007 by distributing and developing Pacific Brand of Advanta. In 2014, we distributing of Monsanto’s Product with its Dekalb brand and in 2017, we expand the business by working with Syngenta as the distributor of NK brand. PT. Java Seed Indonesia also works as an importer and sole distributor of high-quality hand sprayer named Jacto. Jacto brand and product has been used and trusted since 1948. Together with management team that has extensive experience as much as 10-15 years in the field, we aim to develop both agriculture and plantation sectors in Indonesia.

Company Value

◦ Passion for customer Providing best quality product and service for our customers ◦ Team Work We grow in togetherness, young spirit, continuous learning, innovation, and creativity ◦ Mutual Benefit We create mutually beneficial relationship with each of our partners ◦ Professional Reliable, Accountable and Full of Integrity

Company Profile

• We create from A to Z strategies to have a strong positioning of Brand in Indonesian Market. • To enhance sales and a better product positioning in Indonesia market, curently we employed about 36 marketing and sales team throughout Indonesia with a median age of 33 years old, young and yet dynamic team.

Vision and Mission

Vision : To develop a vision of multilateral business in agriculture, plantation and fabrication. Mission : To provide best service and high-quality products to Indonesian farmers.


To be a leader in the Agriculture Industry by providing superior quality products, best services and mutual benefit relationship for our partners.


Our Produce Is Mainstay For Us

Adv 77

@ Potensi produksi 13.6 ton / ha pipil kering
@ Lebih toleran bulai
@ Rendemen lebih tinggi


@ Cocok ditanam pada daerah yang pengariannya baik atau kurang
@ Lebih tahan kekeringan
@ Presentase pipil lebih dari 80 %


@ Hasil lebih tinggi 14.8 ton / ha
@ Rendemen lebih tinggi > 85%
@ Janggel lebih kecil dengan barisan > 14


@ Potensi produksi 12.5 ton / ha
@ Kelobot menutup tongkol rapat
@ Rendemen tinggi


@ Potensi hasil yang tinggi dan stabil 14.3 MT / ha
@ Sangat tahan kekeringan
@ Rendemen tinggi 83-85%

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